My goal is to capture the meaning and nuances in a text and accurately translate its content and style.


  • Translation from English to French
  • Content personalization
  • Writing

Specialties and subspecialties

  • Humanities and social sciences: social policy, community development, and economic development
  • Education: early childhood development and child care
  • Health: health promotion, sports, physical fitness, and recreation
  • Work: human ressources management, occupational health and safety, and balancing work/family/life issues
  • Politics: human rights, poverty, homelessness, and international development
  • Other: municipal affairs, government sector, martial arts, eastern religions


  • Paragovernmental and non-government agencies, and non-profit and national organizations
  • Research institutes and universities
  • Unions
  • Foundations
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Well established translation firms


  • Studies and research reports
  • Teaching and training guides and instruction manuals
  • Background materials
  • Brochures, flyers and posters
  • Grant applications, annual reports and bulletins
  • Press releases and media materials
  • Websites
  • General correspondence
  • Other…

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Les traductions Jocelyne Tougas